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Madoff Point Man Hit Where It Hurts

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There's been some major collateral damage from the whole Madoff scam, including sweet old people who don't know how they're going to make it, and suicide. But if there's one thing that makes you want to stop and shake your fists at the heavens and cry, "Damn, you, Bernie, damn you to hell!" it's this: Page Six reports that so-called Madoff point man, Robert Jaffe, has been forced into hiding. Not the Sam Israel sort of hiding-- though there was the matter of Jaffe refusing to show up to talk with Massachusetts regulators on several occasions-- but one that's so much worse. Bobby, according to the rag, has been missing his previously regularly scheduled manicure sessions at Salon Margrit, since mid-January. Once the highlight of his week, BJ, according to nail insiders, is "too embarrassed to show his face." There's an almost unbearable sadness about this permeating DBHQ. If anyone has some comforting words to offer the Jaffster, perhaps a down on his luck SAC employee or Stan O'Neal, who stopped getting his Brazilians out of shame months ago, please do so at this time.