Meredith Whitney Advisors: A Family Affair

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Oh to the yes. We're told that Meredith Whitney Advisors, the den of iniquity being founded by our favorite Dollar Dominatrix, will employ MW's husband, pro-wrestler John "Layfield" Bradshaw. Cute! And they can carpool. But in what capacity with JLB be workin (it) for the wife? That point is unclear though, obviously, the possibilities are endless. For the unimaginative fucks in the group, he could be a broker (though MWA will start out with just research, the lady of the hour has said the long-term goal is to make it a full-service firm). Or: he could head of an in-house body guard detail, reprising the role he debuted when Dubs first made her bold call on Citi, and received several death threats. Or: he could be part of a team tasked with reporting on the sex potion market, in an attempt to corner the erectile dysfunction biz. Or: he could be the main selling point in MWA's platinum package, wherein clients receive not just research but an on site beat-down of their CEO of choice, by JLB, with their subscription. For those choosing option C, a preview of what Count Vikula can expect, after the jump.