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Meredith Whitney To Found Den Of Iniquity Of Her Own

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Hey-ooo, anyone need a job? Maria Bartiromo reports that everyone's favorite Dollar Dominatrix is leaving employer Oppenheimer and breaking out on her own and she needs enterprising minions like yourselves! The shop, officially called Meredith Whitney Advisors, will be up and running by early March. It'll start out with research, investment banking and capital markets activity will soon follow and then, the world. Obviously the full service shop will provide a lengthy number of services you won't find anywhere else. Interested? Must hate Citi, and have an open mind re: spreaders, truss bars, and the like. Apply today. (It's a start up, so you'll need to provide your own testicle clamps.)


Meredith Whitney Is Returning To Her Roots

Running a hedge fund is out, making Citigroup wish it had never been born is (back) in.