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Merrill Lynch Will Not Be Guilted Into Canceling Fun-Fest

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And it's almost over anyway, so suck it, naysayers! Still, for those of you looking for a mini vacay, might we suggest catching the tail-end of the conference Merrill Lynch is hosting for 400+ brokers at the Orlando Ritz Carlton Golf Resort this week? According to the RC rep we have on payroll, despite the hate heaped on Wells Fargo for an innocent little Vegas trip, so great that it caused the preeminent West Coast bank to cancel the damn thing, everyone in FL seems to be enjoying themselves immensely, particularly the "brokers with golf clubs in hand," and former Countrywide CEO/current BAC caddy-in-residence Angelo Mozilo. Bank of Amerillwide's yet to return calls for comment, so we'll just put the words in their mouth: this was all John Thain's idea, Ken Lewis knew nothing.