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"My Mistakes Were Unintentional"

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We like to think there is an innocent explanation for the many tax... how does one put this delicately... irregularities that seem to plague the various appointments Obama has been throwing at confirmation committees. Any explanation. Unfortunately, we are afraid that the real explanation is that Washington is simply full of thieving tax cheats in such numbers that you can't throw a dart without drilling one in the temple.
And if we resign ourselves to the prospect of coping with these (unintentional) scofflaws day in and day out, couldn't they come up with more entertaining explanations? The unintentional line is getting somewhat familiar, and is less the credible when your "unintentional" mistake ends up being to the tune of $147,000. $250 is "unintentional." $147,000 is either intentional, or indicative of the fact that you should be no where near the national purse strings.
Since the people's representatives can't seem to figure out the morass of tax filings either (or have taken cynical advantage of the complexity to benefit themselves) isn't it time to move to a flat tax? Shifting all those resources currently spent in tax preparation might not be a bad thing either. Accountants will complain, but in the current populist uproar of class warfare (and with Enron back in people's memory) who will listen? Plus, it has the added benefit of preventing legislation via tax policy. Oh, and we won't have to listen to the likes of Tim and Tom apologizing and blaming Turbo Tax. That perk alone seals our vote.
Daschle Apologizes in Letter to Senators, Tries to Explain Tax Lapses [The Wall Street Journal]


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