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Nationalization Cluster**** In 4... 3... 2...

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It literally was only a matter of time, and it really makes no difference how "temporarily" businesses are absolutely-definitely-totally-not-really nationalized. Patronage politics will show their ugly face and give us the insanity of a government tempted to dumb down a business it had to take over because of poor performance. Citi isn't even technically nationalized yet and already, it's starting. Latest nonsense follows:

Citigroup's rivals are lobbying the government to shackle its investment banking business and international operations if the authorities nationalise or take a large stake in the troubled financial group.
The increasing likelihood the US Treasury will end up with a big holding in return for throwing Citi its third lifeline in less than four months has prompted other Wall Street groups to go on the offensive in Washington.

Apparently, the slippery slope is covered in melted butter runoff from all the popcorn being consumed on the sidelines.
Rivals want curb on nationalised Citi [The Financial Times]