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NetJets Not Down With Sir Stanford Assocation

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So! Earlier, an intrepid reader-cum-citizen journalist pointed our direction to this jet, which, on Monday, flew from Houston to Antigua. Given that there's a notable man with whom authorities would like to have a word, whose company's headquarters are in Houston, and who owns a home (and spends most of his time) in Antigua, we wondered aloud if perhaps he'd been aboard.
Did we say definitively that he was? No, those of you with a mastery of the English language will agree, we did not. We said it was a possibility (alternatively, we also said it was a possibility that it was his butler, flying to Antigua ahead of the boss to ready the gossamer pillows).
Apparently NetJets didn't like that, which would explain why a representative from the company called to screech through the phone at me, probably hoping she could come through the thing like Ghost Dad and wring my neck.* Unfortunately for her, she's no Bill Cosby, and also unfortunately, she couldn't say whether or not the carrier was in fact transporting Stanny, only that its not registered to the cricket lover (right: like we said, it's registered to NetJets). Then she hung up on me, which I didn't think was very neighborly, though I won't let it get between us.
*Take a number, toots.