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No Delay For Investors In The Big Dub-ya Ay.

We were, of course, worried when the rumors started that investors in Bill Ackman's "All Target, All The Time" fund might face limits on withdraws. We just knew it wouldn't turn out that way. That wasn't like the Bill we know.

William Ackman told investors in a hedge fund that invests only in Target Corp. he's "deeply disappointed" in its performance, and that those wishing to exit can do so in full next month.
"I apologize profusely for the fund's results to date," Ackman said in an investor letter dated Feb. 8. Ackman also offered a fee waiver for those who invest in his other Pershing Square funds.

Call us WA! We love you!
Ackman Apologizes, Says Investors Can Exit Target Fund in March [Bloomberg]


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