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Obama Addresses Business Council: Liveblogged

S&P 500 is up 0.2% going into the speech, let's just see how the market reacts, shall we? We'll also take bets on which CEO gets invited to leave the audience for trying to trade on his/her Blackberry during the talk.
Obama: We're in tough economic times. [Lists litany of challenges] But, I'm not here to repeat a litany of our challenges.
True, everyone but the AFL CIO thinks my plan sucks. But the spirited debate this causes is a good thing.
Back in 1933, a meeting like this resulted in the New Deal programs that transformed our economy. It was the cooperation of private industry that made this possible.
Like your Managing Director, my door will always be open so I can tell you the failed theories that we should cast aside.
Thank you for allowing me to waste your time without telling you anything new.
And... -scene-