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Pandit Wiping Brow

Collective sigh of relief, people: after many sleepless nights filled with worry over the fate of Vikram Pandit, it appears as though everyone's favorite jolly elfin' CEO will remain safely ensconced in the Tickle a Vickle booth at 399 Park Ave. The Postclaims today that "no one expects a shake-up in Citi's executive suite to be a condition of the government raising its stake in the bank and all efforts are being made to avoid even the slightest appearance the feds are nationalizing." And while we take offense to the insinuation that the only reason Pandito's not getting canned is because he's being used as a pawn in their little mind game, and not 'cause they realize full well that they'll be hard-pressed to find a replacement that comes with both V to the P's business acumen and belly built for rubbing, we'll take what we can get. (And have it on good authority that Ken Lewis, upon hearing of this added layer of job security pursuant to the 'n' word, will be changing his tune re: confidence in the future of BAC.)