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Sir Stanford MIA

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Last week Stanford Financial added itself to a short list of firms with a possibly less than legal business model. Yesterday we learned there are a few people who would like a word with founder, Sir Allen Stanford, cricket lover and *maybe* $8 billion fraudster. Here's the rub, though--authorities have yet to find him, even after sending what were most likely strapping US Marshals into the company's headquarters in Houston. In the future, it'd probably be helpful to not scare con men into thinking they're going to be hauled off to the big house, by publicizing their name next to Bernie Madoff's a week prior to attempting contact and allowing him to escape but whatevs, these are details we can hammer out for next time. For now we need to focus. Where the hell is this guy?
Obviously at this point there are a few blueprints he could be following, from faking his own death via plane crash to faking his own death via M*A*S*H quote. Or maybe he's just chilling at his home in Antigua, though you have to assume we've looked there? And then there's the most likely answer, which is that he's shacked up with his cricket bunnies. But, obviously, it could be anything. Get your bet in today.