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Stand By Your Man

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Darren Rovell would like to know if it is "awkward" that golfer Vijay Singh, who signed a sponsorship deal with Stanford Financial last month, will continue endorse the company, now that it's been accused of perpetrating massive fraud. The answer is no, D. Rov, it's not. Was it "awkward" when the canasta player sponsored by Madoff Securities continued to wear his MadSec visor after Bernie found himself in some hot water? Was it "awkward" when Hank Paulson's lackey continued to proudly tell people he used BaldTM brand turtle wax on his pate after the Treasury Secretary was savaged by the press? Was it "awkward" when, given the choice of switching to generic hormone pills or sticking with Ping Dings, Ping Jiang's SAC Capital portfolio team stood by its wo/man, and went with the latter? Was it "awkward" when I continued to wear my Bills jersey to sleep, after OJ was accused of savagely murdering his ex-wife and lover? No, sir. That's called loyalty. Then, more than ever, the Juice needed to know we had his back, and we're absolutely delighted to see Singh stick by his fraudy friend in the same way.