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Stanford Flies Free!

Aside from grim speculation that he may or may not have been on a NetJets flight from Houston to Antigua, no one has a fucking clue where Stanford is- but that's not for lack of trying.

U.S. marshals assisting the SEC have been unable to serve Stanford with court orders freezing assets and appointing a receiver to run his Stanford Financial Group companies since a raid on his Houston headquarters Tuesday, Garber said.
Garber said she was unaware of any warrants for Stanford's arrest and said the SEC was still hoping for his voluntary cooperation on the civil fraud charges.
"Certainly he is still subject to the court orders. To that extent, we certainly want to ensure that he is served," Garber said. She said two executive who were charged with Stanford, Laura Pendergest-Holt and Jim Davis, had been served.

Finally, someone seems to have read How To Properly Escape Capture Following Your Massive (or Relatively Massive) Financial Fraud: A Dealbreaker Guide. Of course, this "he's gone" talk is coming from the SEC which would be unable to find its own ass with a full-length mirror and a multilingual diagram. Either that, or the speculation that Stanford has been enjoying the help of certain Federal agencies has some merit. We wondered before why Sir Allen should have such a large presence in Venezuela and Ecuador.

Stanford whereabouts unknown after charges: SEC