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S(W/J)F Seeks Hedge Fund Manager For Long Walks On Fifth Avenue, Aiding And Abetting

Picking up the right hedge fund manager is a challenge, and you better be really committed because "stand by your man" doesn't mean what it used to:

The Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that Debra Ryan pleaded guilty today in White Plains federal court to a one-count Information charging her with aiding and abetting Samuel Israel, III's failure to surrender to serve a 20-year sentence. As stated by Ryan during her plea and by the Government at various proceedings in the case:
Ryan knew that Israel was required to begin serving his sentence on June 9, 2008, and helped Israel avoid surrendering to begin serving his sentence. On the night before Israel was supposed to go to prison, Ryan, in her car, followed Israel, who was driving an RV, to a highway rest area. Israel parked the RV at the rest area and Ryan drove them back to the house that they shared. Israel subsequently picked up the RV from the rest stop and used it to avoid surrendering to serve his sentence.

Part of it apparently means driving the getaway-RV. Bet that wasn't in the personals ad.

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