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Thain: I Want To Be Cooperative But Bank Of America Won't Let Me

YESSSS. Charlie Gasparino reports that Andrew Cuomo, none to happy about the fact that John Thain, subpoenaed to answer questions re: Merrill bonuses and refusing to do so, has filed motion against the former MER CEO. According to Thain, who dollars to donuts has already strapped into the old onesie, it's because Bank of Amerillwide lawyers are "prohibiting" him from doing so. Now, that scenario has a lot of great potential, the question being, what is Bank of Amerillwide trying to hide? But we'd be lying if we didn't say we're hoping Thain is just purposefully being a difficult prima donna in an effort to stick it to K. Lewis.
Update: The word from Jesse Derris, Thain's representation at Sunshine Sachs & Associates: "Bank of America attempted to direct Mr. Thain not to discuss specific [individuals '] bonus details. We continue to cooperate fully with the Attorney General's office."