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The Lines Were Shorter

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You know, we had our ticket ready to go, especially after we saw the big lines in Antigua. We figured we had to hurry. We had the sunblock and the bulletproof vest packed. Unfortunately, it looks like our preparations were all for nothing.
Now that we think about it, how is Allen Stanford going to flee to Venezuela when he's (potentially) screwed them out of $2.5 billion? That wasn't so sharp, Sir Allen.

Venezuela is unlikely to help investors faced with the loss of billions of dollars deposited at the discredited Stanford International Bank, Finance Minister Ali Rodriguez said on Wednesday.
The OPEC nation's bank regulators say Venezuelans may have invested up to $2.5 billion in high-yield certificates of deposit at the Antigua-based unit of a global financial network owned by Texan billionaire Allen Stanford.

Venezuela says no plans to help Stanford investors [Reuters]