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This Is About The Constitution!

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We don't have any particularly strong feelings either way about newly-appointed Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. Still, we can't help but feeling a twinge of regret that others, perhaps one in particular, weren't more strongly considered for the post. What this job needs a delusional human being with a can't lose fighter spirit, and T. Geith doesn't seem to possess those qualities, at least at the levels exhibited by this guy:

The attorney for former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling says he will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, now that an appellate court has denied his request to re-hear the case.
In a statement to CNBC, Daniel Petrocelli noted, "We are preparing our petition to the Supreme Court. There is a raging conflict in the courts about the "honest services" theory of criminality used in Jeff's case. Only the Supreme Court can settle it."

Skilling Attorney Wants Supreme Court To Hear Case [CNBC]