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Wal-Mart Tragedy

Yes, we spend a lot of time poking fun and making light of unpleasant subjects. (Wal-Mart has been a frequent target). Unfortunately, sometimes there is just no raising what are beyond dismal and sad tidings. Beyond all the joking and high-finance hijinks, there are some things that remind us that there is an undercurrent of real suffering in the present downturn. Other than to relay this news, I have no idea what more to add:

A 58-year-old Wal-Mart employee who said he "couldn't take it anymore" lit himself on fire outside the Bloomingdale store where he worked late Thursday night and was later pronounced dead at a hospital, authorities said this morning.
The Carol Stream man, who worked the overnight shift, was in a parking lot of an adjacent sporting goods store in the west suburban strip mall when he set himself on fire with lighter fluid around 10 p.m., said Randy Sater, a watch commander with the Bloomingdale Police Department.
At least 10 people, including some teenagers, witnessed the suicide and several attempted to help the man by throwing their coats on top of him in an effort to put out the flames, he said.
"He said he didn't want any help and threw the coats off," Sater said.

Wal-Mart worker burns self to death in parking lot [Chicago Breaking News]



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