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We Totally, Seriously, Honestly Won't Need Any More. Really.

So GM is going to grudgingly accept another check for $4 billion. Is anyone else so numbed to large numbers at this point that $4 billion really doesn't seem like much money? I mean, John Paulson spits $4 billion. Tim "The Safecracker" Geithner exhales larger sums while taking his afternoon nap. (And you believed that story about closing the cash room for "painting" every afternoon).
Yes, oddly, those sorts of figures seem boring now. Even when the UAW and management have walked away from the table, we seem so attached to the Buick Lucerne that a few billion more seems trivial to throw down the tubes in order to save it from oblivion.

The U.S. government will release $4 billion in additional aid to General Motors Corp (GM.N) on Tuesday as planned, a White House aide said on Monday, ahead of the deadline for the automaker to submit a new survival plan.

I suppose we can just hope they did their homework right this time.
GM to get $4 billion aid tranche Tuesday [Reuters]