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We've Reached An Agreement

Yesterday Charlie Gasparino vowed to his CNBC colleagues that he was "going cold turkey on the expletives," after having a string of on-air slip-ups. We contacted CG to see if he wanted to make this little personal challenge interesting, and after some debating, he's relented. If Chaz makes it until March 1 without a slip-- and this not limited to the English language but includes ba fungools, as well-- Dealbreaker readers must scrape together the funds to sponsor one of CG's famed Nights At Elaine's (often the site of the reporters "big scoops," thanks to very knowledgeable busboys). If he fails to do so, he must turn to the camera and declare, "You win, Dealbreaker readers, I bow down to you, you [and he insisted on this part, which, knowing how he feels deep down inside, I think you should take as a compliment] unemployed cross-dressers," and then eat a plate of braciola, sopressata, and other nitrate-filled delicacies that night, while being taped for your viewing pleasure, at Big E's.