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What Will Citi 'Do' For Its Largest Shareholder?

Charlie Gasparino points out the most important aspect of the maybe Citi-Gov deal that has been entirely, shamelessly, overlooked thus far. If the US takes a forty percent stake in the Big C, it'll displace Prince Alwaleed as the single largest shareholder. First off, taking the Prince's feelings into consideration, this is devastating. Sure, in the beginning, Vikram et al will probably act as though 'leed is still important to them but you know before long Pandito will be all, "I actually gotta take this call," heretofore NEVER interrupting the Prince during one of their marathon phone conversations. After a while, he'll be "some guy we used to know in Saudi Arabia."
Brushing those tears aside, however, an important question must be answered. According to CG, when Alwalweed would say 'jump,' Citi would 'jump three feet, so you've got to multiply that by ten for the government and it's 30 feet' (the math behind this apparently being that Al has an approximately 4 percent stake and 40/4 = 10 * 3 = 30 ft). But obviously there'll be other preferred treatment besides jumping associated with having your tentacles in C, and we need to determine now what kinda sick stuff the senior staff and board are willing to do. Wining and dining, sure, but are we also talking, like, A to O?