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Why Not Just Give Him A Ride To The Airport?

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You know, we weren't expecting that authorities, once they found him, were going to stick Allen Stanford in a burlap stack and beat him with reeds. But we also weren't expecting handshakes and cordiality. We believe in innocent til proven guilty and all that jazz but times like these call for some dog and pony shows, and when you can't count on the apparently worthless FBI to, at the bare minimum, shove a possible fraudster up against the wall and demand that he "spread 'em!" and "shut up, I said shut up," even if they had to lean in and whisper, "We're just doing this for the press, we ain't gonna hurt ya," you really can't count on anything. So, no holding in a meat locker, AND, apparently, this hideousness:

Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, brought into the case by the Securities and Exchange Commission, located Mr. Stanford on Thursday afternoon in Fredericksburg, Va., about 55 miles south of Washington, said Richard Kolko, a spokesman for the F.B.I.
F.B.I. agents were waiting at the home of a relative of Mr. Stanford's in Fredericksburg when he arrived in a car with a girlfriend, according to a law enforcement official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss details of the episode.
Mr. Stanford was "extremely cordial and cooperative," the official said. "They served him with the papers, said 'Have a good day,' and left."

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