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Yeah, So That Car Czar Slot You Were Hoping For? Not So Much.

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You had to know that appointing a "Car Czar" with the kind of powers that might actually get something done when it came to Big Auto was just never going to happen. There is, after all, only one Lord of the Bailout, and he does not share power (unless it is via a gridlocked committee of varied interests and affiliations to make sure every view is represented and no major initiative ever sees the light of day).
Yeah, ok, but you have to give Steven Rattner an "advisory position" after you taunted him with a Czar slot. I mean you can't take away his favorable taxation setup at Quadrangle Group and deny him the promised Car Czar slot. Sheesh.
Rattner Is Said to Join Treasury as Adviser on Autos [Bloomberg]


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