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AIG Disappoints Us All

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Apparently the plan take all (bonus receiving) employees on a reverse tour of the foreclosed homes once owned by participants in last week's event in Connecticut, hovering over the hovels for just enough time to open a window and yell "one hundy sixty five million" has hit a snag.

In a sign that citizen outrage is beginning to have an impact, embattled insurance company AIG has sold two of its luxury corporate jets in the last two months and cancelled delivery on two aircraft, company officials tell ABC News. AIG has received around $180 billion in taxpayer bailout funds.
"As part of a comprehensive expense reduction plan, AIG has dramatically reduced airplane usage and sold several aircraft," said AIG spokesperson Joe Norton.
AIG sold two jets in its corporate air fleet in the last two months, a Dassault Falcon 900EX and a Falcon 2000EX EASy. It has also cancelled a 2010 order for a Dassault Falcon, and was able to transfer the sale of another Falcon to a third party, according to Norton. Norton says the use of corporate jets at AIG is down about 70% from last year.

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