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"...and the Swiss are the lovers."

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Well what the hell do you expect? You threaten the livelihood of the Swiss with all these threats to penetrate their veil of tax and banking secrecy and something is going to have to give. Don't you people know that the most dangerous thing in the world is a wounded Swiss animal? Sure, they look placid and rule-bound. Yes, they may complain that chaos threatens anyone who goes against the grain but, apparently, the rumors of their marginal prowess in the romantic arts are proven false. (Well, not entirely- German victims may not be the best judges in the Olympics of sex after all). I blame Carl Levin. If anyone can stop the wanton and cruel sexual blackmail of the Germans, a critical requirement in these desperate times, he can.

A former Swiss investment banker admitted in court on Monday that he seduced and blackmailed Germany's wealthiest woman, heiress to the BMW car empire, with secret films of their hotel trysts.
Helg Sgarbi admitted seducing heiress Susanne Klatten and three other wealthy women and persuading them to pay him almost 10 million euros ($12.64 million) with various tales, including one that he had fallen foul of the Italian mafia.

Admit it. You wish you thought of it.

Swiss banker admits blackmailing BMW heiress