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Appointing The New Citi Directors

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Who should be on the board of the new, government-owned Citi? The Treasury made the Big C promise that the 15-member board would "comprise new independent directors as soon as feasible," but since chairman Dick Parsons said Friday that he sees no reason to move his ass on finding the replacements, it looks like, per usual, we're gonna have to do his job for him. First on the table: Meredith Whitney. You might've thought it was crazy last week when some CNBC contributor suggested the Dollar Dom be named a director but that's only because she's got her sights set on something bigger, and it's Vikula's job. So she's gonna be focusing on that for the time being and will likely be unavailable. Now, who else? William Cohan went to bat yesterday for: Pete Peterson, Cy Lewis's son, John Paulson, a guy he went to high school with, and a lady the Maestro once said would "cause a financial crisis." You know we're down with JP, the rest, whatevs. Nominate your picks today.