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Avoid The Pesto Model

Bob Nardelli swears that Chrysler can survive all by itself even the failure of a proposed partnership with Fiat. In this instance "all by itself" is translated to "with $5 billion more in federal aid after we pissed the last $4 billion into the wind."
This is the best Nardelli quote (in reference to Fiat's refusal to actually, you know, spend any money or invest any cash on the partnership):
"...there is this perception that Fiat is bringing nothing to the party...."
In this instance "bringing nothing to the party" is translated to "bringing nothing to the party."

The idea is that Chrysler will use Fiat designs to save years (four, five, or maybe six) of development time and continue Fiat's quest to dominate the world (North America, next stop) with small boxes with a manual transmission bolted on.
We've been trying to come up with a replacement for the term "ricers," but all that comes to mind is "supercharged linguine."
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