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Bailout League Tables

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And you thought you would never hear the juvenile chanting of "We're #1, We're #1!" coming from those halls again. Well, for all you naysayers: in your face. Not only is Vikula Castle bustling with activity and life, but the place is on fire. (No, no, we meant figuratively. No, not that kind of... nevermind).
See, far from taking the present populist slings and downward return arrows of fortune on their haunches, the peasants of Vikula have been toiling away in the muddy fields growing gold.

Citigroup grabbed the top spot on the mergers and acquisitions league table as of the beginning of March, according to data from Thomson Reuters.
The beleaguered and bailed-out bank advised on $138.3 billion worth of deals so far this year, edging out second-place Morgan Stanley, which rang up $136.2 billion.

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