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Bernie Madoff Behind Bars Today?

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Ponzi boy is set to plead guilty to 11 criminal charges at 10:00 am today, and if all goes as planned-- and we're not entirely convinced he's not going to blame it all on Ruth and "the damn kids"-- he may not be returning to the comfort of ankle monitoring splendor under house arrest. Apparently U.S. District Judge Denny Chin may decide to revoke Madoff's $10 million bail and send him to prison A-sap.
Big B headed downtown earlier this morning and is said to be chilling inside the court house now, going over his lines and choreography (he's got to stick that landing, which has given him trouble in rehearsals). The Daily Beast notes that this morning's stroll from his Kia Sorento to the building was the first time we've seen Mades without a coat on, as though he knows something.
Obviously this caught us by surprise, since we under the impression that we had a least a few more weeks at 133 East 64th Street, and we're not at all prepared. There's still a little time, though, so in advance of the hearing, let's figure out a few things-- 1) prison name, 2) appropriate tattoo and location 3) bottom or top (bunk).
Judge Chin's plan for the show is here.