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Coffee Klatsch With Mack and Blankfein

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Burnett: Was there tension? Did anyone get sucker punched?
Mack: No tension...just a bunch of brohamsters catching up.
Blankfein: cough:::bull shit::: cough
Burnett: What?
Blankfein: What? Oh, nothing, just hey from before.
Burnett: What did you talk about Lloyd?
Blankfein: I think we're all on the same page here.
Burnett: Let's talk've said you want to return it after the stress test, as early as you still want to do that?
Blankfein: We didn't say shit. TARP has never been permanent capital...we will return it, at some point, with interest.
Burnett: How 'bout you, Stanley?
Mack: We're in the same position...we can pay it back...we'll do it if our regulator wants us to.
Burnett: Okay, more about TARP. If you give the money back, and something catastrophic happens again, and you need the money will you--
Mack: Erin, stop. This was not what the meeting was about. We talked about what are we going to do, how are we going to do it, what are the issues.
Burnett: Your stock is high again...are you going to raise equity?
Blankfein: We'll be talking to our regulators.
Mack: I need to talk to my board first. As much as I like CNBC, I'm really not going to go there.