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Convicted Criminal Offers Advice To Bernie Madoff: Kill Yourself

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If you don't end it? Here's a li'l preview of what you'll have to look forward to, according to "Anthony Papa," who in 1985 was "sentenced to 15 years to life under New York's draconian Rockefeller Drug Laws for a first-time nonviolent drug crime."

Your identity will be taken away when you are stripped naked and ordered to bend over and spread your butt cheeks. You will be forced to comply. If you don't, the officer conducting the search will call the "goon squad," abouta half-dozen killing machines who will come in dressed in battle gear, armed with batons. They won't care that you are 70. They will strike blows in a way that will not leave bruises because you are a high-profile case.
Once you are sitting in your temporary cell awaiting sentencing, officials will isolate you from the general population. By this time, several contracts on your life have been taken out. Even those who are not contracted will want to take your head off so they can get their name in the paper.

When you are sentenced in June, your knees will buckle because the possibility of spending the rest of your life in prison will become a reality. Your individual humanity will be over, and you will become part of the prison collective.
...the predators will try to befriend you. No doubt they will be scamming you to try to find out if and where you buried some of the money. They will try to out-scam the ultimate scammer. At first, they might offer you some smokes or some food to develop a relationship. Maybe some will offer you protection. It will be a tough for you.

What Bernie Madoff Can Expect In Prison
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