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Cuomo Gets His Precious Names

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The Attorney General, still refusing to agree not to disclose names, has succeeded in getting AIG to turn over its list of bonus recipients. Apparently he'll offer them up for your consumption only after security concerns are assessed. Meanwhile, Bloombergreports that Connecticut AG Richard Blumenthal has taken a tiny page from his NY counterpart's playabook, and issued AIG subpoenas of his own (three day deadline? Dick, please. You give them 3 hours and threaten to "cut a bitch" if they don't comply).

American International Group Inc. was subpoenaed by Connecticut for information on bonus recipients, the amounts and contracts.
Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said in a statement that he will "take steps to enforce" the subpoena issued today by the state's Department of Consumer Protection if AIG doesn't promptly provide the information.
Blumenthal said in a March 18 letter to AIG Chief Executive Officer Edward Liddy that he wants a list within three days of all bonuses paid by AIG's Financial Products Group in 2008. The division is based in Wilton, Connecticut.
Blumenthal also demanded information on all agreements and discussions, and a review of AIG's legal responsibility to pay the bonuses. Blumenthal said AIG was "categorically wrong when it claimed that Connecticut state labor law compelled" the payments.