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Does Ken Lewis Want Out At Bank Of America?

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Last week it was "I'm not disappearing into the sunset" and "we [gotta] slug through this" and now it's throwing himself on the hood of anyone's car that pulls up to the building and shouting (through coded messages) "get me out of here."

On Thursday, Mr. Lewis offered his hometown a bit of good news. Speaking in Boston, he said Bank of America was profitable in January and February, and he predicted the bank would turn a profit for the entire year. Bank of America's stock price rose 92 cents, or more than 18 percent, to $5.85 a share -- making it a good day for Charlotte.
But many people, both here and on Wall Street, wonder if Mr. Lewis can deliver. While bank insiders insist the board is behind him, the grind is taking its toll. Colleagues say Mr. Lewis looks tired, and in a recent interview with reporters and editors of The New York Times, he chuckled when asked if he would step aside if his board urged him to do so.
"They wouldn't have to ask me twice," he said

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