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Doomed! (Electric Avenue Version)

That is just a lot of fuss over a simple lost vowel, we know- but this was no ordinary vowel. General Electric's third "A" in this case. The platinum and diamond encrusted antique letter, which had been worn ceaselessly by the old girl since the Eisenhower Administration, was reportedly stolen and silently replaced in the middle of the night with some poor excuse for a lowercase "T." As if no one would notice or something.
Strangely, senior employees at CNBC have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own cash to organize a search for the missing piece, while Starbucks has announced it will be accepting GE options issued as part of employee stock options programs in lieu of their much-in-demand "10% of any latte beverage" coupons.
One of our tipsters points out that Henry Kravis has been secretly lusting after the letter for years and openly speculates that, even as you read this, the big HK is leaning back in a massive leather chair and pressing a concealed button under the arm which subdues the lights and opens a secret panel on the far wall to reveal the carefully illuminated missing letter. We aren't going to find it at any of the usual fences, our tipster laments.
General Electric Loses S&P's Top-Level AAA Rating [Bloomberg]