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Even The Bunker Goes Under

Passing by almost unnoticed today is the news that the Greenbrier, the famous White Sulphur Springs resort retreat for Congress and whose Presidential Suite has been the host of every President since Dwight Eisenhower, has slipped quietly under the dark waves of insolvency.

The Greenbrier Hotel Corporation (GHC), owner of The Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs, announced today that it has sought Chapter 11 protection to help ensure the viability of the resort.

The ordinary is made interesting when one realizes that the Greenbrier was for years the location of the secret Congressional emergency relocation facility. Complete with medical facility, meeting rooms, generators, cafeteria, long-term living quarters and the like, the underground bunker was designed to keep Congress alive and able to continue running the country into the ground long after a devastating nuclear attack (the ultimate sign of a failure in leadership).
No word on whether the bunker will now accept Marriott Rewards points.
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