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Experience It Again, For The Very First Time

Just in case you have an urge to relive it, the credit crisis is the subject of a museum exhibit. Like the dropping of the atom bomb on Japan, the potential for exhibit controversy is high. We cant help but wonder how the sensitive issue of Maxine Waters and Goldman Sachs will be presented, for example. Which outfit will Mad Max be wearing in her wax figure? How will she be depicted? In the midst of a conspiratorial discourse with large microphone? Will Ruth Madoff's grocery habits find treatment? We, of course, are pitching for the Marcus Schrenker faux-suicide scene in campground tent.

The global economic crisis wears on, but the Museum of American Finance is already documenting its history in an exhibit that opened on Wednesday.
"Tracking the Credit Crisis" provides a timeline of the events that led to the current recession and translates the catchphrases of the economic downturn such as "securitization," "liquidity," and "derivative" for the average person.

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