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Financial Times Wants You To Give Geithner Some Breathing Room

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Ooo, this is going to chapHenryBlodget'shide. Like our Commander-in-Chief, who told reporters yesterday that everyone should get off Tim Geithner's ass, the Financial Times has an editorial that saying T. Geith "needs to be given a chance."

No US Treasury secretary has ever taken office in more testing circumstances. Any occupant of the post would have struggled to impress under these conditions. Mr Geithner, previously head of the New York Fed, was a good appointment, and still is, because of his exceptional expertise in banking and finance, the issues which will decide whether Team Obama sinks or swims. To lose so capable a figure so soon might seriously destabilise the administration, calling into question Mr Obama's judgment.
Aside from some staff, what Mr Geithner most needs is a chance to do his job. For its own sake, the country should grant it.