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Frogs Fighting For Madoff Vacation Spread

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As you know, Bernie Madoff and the wife own a bunch of homes around the world, including the Upper East Side penthouse, the Palm Beach manse, and a crash pad in Jersey City where Ponzi-Boy would go to blow off steam when Ruth was getting really harpy. Apparently there's also a nice little place on the French Riviera, called "Chateau des Pins Villa 2," in the resort town of Cap d'Antibes where the dynamic duo would spend at least a few days a year when the mood struck to hit up some nude beaches. Anyway, U.S. prosecutors were planning on taking the place over in an effort to get some coin for Madoff's victims but apparently their French doppelgängers have another plan. They want the place and the million it could go for, too, and according to David Sheehan, a lawyer involved in liquidating Madoff's assets, "Things are moving very quickly in this arena...We're told the French are going to grab the chateau." Are we going to let them? Maybe! That or neither will get the place, and the judge sentencing Ponz-B on June 16 will turn it into a B&B and force Madoff to be the innkeeper.