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He's So Buff

We know it is part of his folksy-shtick to play the boy from Omaha made good. (Real good). Be this as it may, something feels wrong with the datapoints plotted by three paragraphs in the DealBook's review of Buffett compensation:

Mr. Buffett has been an outspoken critic of huge executive compensation packages at other companies. In keeping with that philosophy, his own company does not award large pay packages or give out stock options.


Forbes valued Mr. Buffet's net worth at $37 billion, $25 billion less than just a year earlier, when the magazine estimated he was worth $62 billion.

[Charlie Munger's] net worth fell to $1.4 billion, from $2.4 billion a year earlier, according to Forbes.

Isn't just a little too easy to be critics of executive compensation when you've got this much sitting in the PA?
Yes, yes, we know that Buffett has gone to great lengths to give away the vast majority of his holdings over time. It still strikes us as a bit... off.
No Bonuses Here: Buffett Is Paid Just $175,000 [DealBook]


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Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger Don’t Like Bitcoin, Stock Speculators, Other People Buying Apple, Robinhood

Oh, also, Berkshire Hathaway didn’t do terribly well in the first quarter.

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Brace Yourself For Buffettcoins

Berkshire Hathaway’s brain trust has said a lot of terrible things about cryptocurrencies and gold, and they just invested half a billion dollars in gold.