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Hiring Watch '09: Oppenheimer

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A glimmer of hope for all my unemployeds out there-- there are jobs to be had! You'll have to spend most of the day hearing "that's not how Meredith used to do it" and "why can't you be more like Whitney," and "no, you've got to really clamp down on them, make a vice with your hands" but beggars, choosers, etc. The FT reports that Oppenheimer has extended offers to 100 aiders and abetters (JK...JK I'm serious, nobody works alone) of the Stanford Financial fraud, and most have accepted, though a few are holding out for something better. Perhaps some room can be made for you!

Oppenheimer is expanding with new branches in Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, while adding staff to existing branch offices in the southeastern US and Texas. "These individuals have had extensive experience in the securities industry and, prior to moving to Stanford, were previously associated with well recognised securities firms," Oppenheimer said.


Layoffs Watch '12: Oppenheimer

The firm is said to have released some of its young into the wild. Oppenheimer & Co. joined UBS today in laying off first year analysts two days before bonuses...