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Is Dylan Ratigan Bouncing Back With Cody Willard, Shtuping Erin Burnett, Egging Charlie Gasparino On?

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Yeah, probably not but perhaps he is planning on making a guest appearance on Willy's show and hitting his former rival network where it hurts, per some suggestive tweeting?

And while we're talkin' tweet, can we speculate as to what this is about?

And one last one, for the road, which I don't think I'm alone in saying is completely unfair we didn't get to see played (mud wrestled) out on-air:

Update: TVNewser thinks it's a fake account. We're not convinced. It's not funny enough to be fake and when we went back just now to check it, the CG burn had been removed, which strikes as something you'd do if it *were* real, as it's slightly awk (though entirely encouraged around these parts). D-Man, if you're reading, get in touch and set us straight!

II: Okay, we're still not *entirely* convinced it's fake, but it's poss, based on thesetwo.