Is SAC Opening A Chicago Office?

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Earlier tonight someone told us about a one-off SAC Capital hire (Shakeeb Alam, previously a senior executive and partner at Boston-based Highfields Capital where he led the firm's consumer and retail industry investment team, as a PM) that we probably wouldn't have cared about (because we're dismissive assholes), except for this-- supposedly Alam will be working out of SAC's "new Chicago office." When did this happen? We haven't heard or seen anything about the mini-Steves taking off their shoes, unbuckling their belts and making themselves at home in Ken Griffin's house, and we (KG) need to mentally prepare for the upheaval (and start deciding what flavors to put in the welcome wagon deep dish pizzas).
Update: Apparently the Chi-town office has been "just getting started over the past couple weeks." Send your congratulatory Deep D's to the supposed new space (a block and a half from Citadel's 131 South Dearborn Street spread):
1 South Dearborn Street Suite 2108
Chicago, Illinois 60603