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Is Steve Cohen Buying Sotheby's?

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Apparently you can't disclose nearly a six percent stake in the place, agree to let the public get within spitting distance of your most prized paintings, and say stuff like "Why not let the public see the pictures?" all casually (save for the telltale sign of your voice cracking), despite heretofore enforcing a 200 yard Stay Back zone between yourself and other mammals, without people wondering if you're up to something. The Postclaims that there's speculation Stevie-B "intends to take Sotheby's private, since he can buy it for about $595 million less than half of what's he spent on his art collection." (And in a giant leap of logic, that by buying the auction house, our favorite Stamfordian would be creating "a museum." Not that we wouldn't be down in a second for the GuggenSteve, but auction house does not a museum make). Anyway, this thing has our full backing, especially if the big guy will be conducting the auctions himself and, using various wigs and affecting British accents, playing five different bidders.