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Jamie Dimon Still (Passive Aggresively) Ticked At Citadel Defectors

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So, we love ourselves some Boy Toy CEO Jamie Dimon. That's a given. But for all the talk yesterday of how we've gotta stick together and do this and quit the bitching, the JPMorgan chief still managed to get a little "suck it" dig in himself, directed out our favorite midwestern hedge fund, and the disloyal JPM'ers who've up and left him for it. During the Q&A section of his address to the US Chamber of Commerce, after being asked (circa 3:50) about threats to smaller banks, the D-man said he'd prefer to go back to a previous question about compensation, and the problems it poses re: employees peacing.
"People ask, 'Where are they going to go?' The good ones will always have somewhere to go...the good ones will have a job," J to the D told the audience. "The last thing I want them to do is go to our hedge fund competitors, who don't have those [compensation] restrictions. I find that a little offensive, by the way." Reference to thisli'l catfight? Greg Boester knows the answer to that.
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