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Jimmy Cayne: Geithner Got Wood Opening The Discount Window

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And he apparently used said stiffie to stab at his "boyfriend." Confused? Let's backtrack for a sec. A lot of you spend a lot of time sitting around sizing up Tim Geithner, and apparently you're in good company, 'cause Jimmy Cayne does too. Deal Journal has an excerpt from William Cohan's new book on Bear Stearns, and if you can bear coming to grips with the fact that it'll be WC's tome, and not Charlie Gasparino's, that'll wax poetic on the then NY Fed head getting an erection, and supposedly being gay, read on.

Asked about Geithner's comments and his decision regarding opening the discount window to Wall Street after Bear had been sold for $2 a share and not earlier, Jimmy Cayne became spitting angry.
"The audacity of that p--- in front of the American people announcing he was deciding whether or not a firm of this stature and this whatever was good enough to get a loan," he said. "Like he was the determining factor, and it's like a flea on his back, floating down underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, getting a h---o-, saying, 'Raise the bridge.' This guy thinks he's got a big d--. He's got nothing, except maybe a boyfriend. I'm not a good enemy. I'm a very bad enemy. But certain things really--that bothered me plenty. It's just that for some clerk to make a decision based on what, your own personal feeling about whether or not they're a good credit? Who the f-- asked you? You're not an elected officer. You're a clerk. Believe me, you're a clerk. I want to open up on this f----r, that's all I can tell you."

Key (I think, let me know if you disagree):
1. prick
2. hard on
3. dick
4. fuck
5. fucker