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JPMorgan: Mind The Mob

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Ahead of next week's G 20 summit, JPMorgan just sent out the following memo to employees in London, re: not getting maimed.

This is a reminder that the G20 meetings in London during the week of March 30 are expected to be accompanied by organized and impromptu protests. Although they have been planned for April 1 and 2, there may be small scale disruption at any time during the week commencing March 30. We have been advised by police and security to prepare for disruption to transport networks and to take precautions to avoid trouble with protestors. Below are guidelines J.P. Morgan is adopting, though details may vary between individual lines of business.
We would ask staff to be vigilant and report anything they may consider unusual to the GS&I Control Room on the number below.
Transport - April 1 and 2:

* Dress down: Staff are permitted to wear casual clothing -- jeans/trainers -- commencing March 30
* Avoid briefcases/branded bags/computer cases: Put materials in rucksacks or carrier bags where possible
* Arrive at work early: There is a strong possibility that the transport network will be targeted
* Alternative routes to work: Consider using mainline stations and walking/taking the bus to your office
* Do not drive or cycle: The road network may be disrupted and cars may also be targeted
* Avoid Bank tube station and the surrounding area on Wednesday, April 1, especially between 9.00 a.m and 12.00 p.m., due to protests centred on the Bank of England
* Avoid St. Pauls tube station on Thursday, April 2, due to the planned disruption to the LSE

At the office - April 1 and 2:
* Each office will have only one entrance open
* Ensure you have your JPMC ID card ready: Security will be tight outside the entrances to our buildings to deny protesters access to lobbies
* Stay in your office building: You should avoid leaving your office building where possible -- hold meetings via phone
o Spectating: Do not leave the building to 'see what's happening' -- this will help the police to focus on the people causing trouble
o Consideration should be given to using staff restaurants or bring in packed lunches to minimise the need to be outside the building
o If protesters do gain access to lobby areas, these will be 'locked down' by GS&I and lifts will remain at the ground floor to prevent further access to the building. Staff will be advised and updated of how to handle the situation by regular tannoy messages
Business meetings:
* Check your meeting schedules and inform visitors from outside London of the potential
* Postpone visiting any client buildings this week and rather than have clients visit JP Morgan buildings make use of conference calls or video-conferencing
Business Continuity Plans
* Ensure that you are familiar with your groups business continuity plans
* If your business manager has instructed you to work from home, please test your token for remote access by close of business Friday, March 27, to ensure that your system is working properly --
If you are unsure about any of the above information, please speak to your manager.


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