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Ken Lewis To Be Government Employee For Life

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The Boone's is flowing early this morning in Charlotte, and you know what that means-- drunk dial time! Ken Lewis apparently got the Financial Times on the horn and had a few things to say, in (most likely) rambling incoherent slurs cleaned up for print. A. Though Merrill is a star, and that deal was a "thing of beauty," it was a "tactical mistake" to request $20 billion of gov money to help out on the acquisition, cause it put BAC "in the same category as Citigroup" and nobody wants that, am I right? 2. In retrospect, he should've only asked for $10 billion but an "abundance of caution" led him to go that extra mile and D. You're going to have drag his dead lifeless body out of the place, because brother has declared that despite calls for his resignation, peacing in BofA's time of need is not something he's considered "for one second" and he's not going anywhere 'til the TARP money is repaid. "It would be very easy to disappear into the sunset," Lewis said before falling off his desk chair. "But we have to slug through this."