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Layoffs Watch '09: Citi

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Daily Intel reports that Citi will be laying of 65 members of its cleaning staff in two weeks. Obviously, this could not come at a worse time, considering that workers are about to break ground on new offices for Pandit and his peeps, and those discarded bags of chips and cans of soda littered around the conference room's circle of Laz-y Boys ain't going to clean themselves. Nor will the spit balls that Pandito and Co. plan to launch at the glass walls during brainstorming sessions. As you'll recall, a key selling point for the $10 million project was the fact that it would create a "more open encourage spontaneous meetings of executives." With this recent revelation, I'm not sure they'll be able to make good on their promise to "make Citi the best company in the world, bar none." Unless of course the laid off janitorial staff is being replaced by analysts given the choice to be canned or shine Vikram's shit for less than minimum wage. Which is entirely possible.