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Meredith Whitney: Citi Will Be Forced To Keep Selling Family Jewels

I don't know why but we were slightly nervous that the proprietress of Meredith Whitney Advisors wasn't going to have the energy to give it to Vikram like she used to, at least in the early days of the new shop. So we were delighted to be proven wrong moments ago, when the Dollar Dominatrix scoffed it up with Maria Bartiromo at the Big's C's latest memo, noting that while it was a cute attempt by Tickle a Vickle to inspire confidence, it won't really do shit for the company. Practically choking back laughter Double D told MB, "Trillions in loans have been mispriced...[and] by my math, they don't make money in any of their businesses. They made money in Smith Barney but they sold half of that. I'm still not optimistic about them. They'll be forced to keep selling their crown jewels."