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Non-Pansie Bankers Twice Your Age Will Not Be Intimidated Out Of Suits, Ready To Rumble

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If you thought your financial services counterparts across the pond were a bunch of pussies who couldn't hold their own in fight, you thought wrong. Although JPMorgan London et al have sent out memos telling employees to dress down, lest their unofficial uniforms give them away, and to essentially hide under the covers and not come out til the G20 is over (and what is expected to be angry mobs of demonstrators looking for banker blood subside), not everyone is quaking in their boots.
In fact, some, like Graham Williams, sound like they're looking for a fight and you know what? We dig it. The 66 year old insurance company director told Bloomberg that, contrary to popular belief, "We're not all pansies." Think he's bluffing? Think again! "Most us have played rugby or boxed," said Williams. "If any of those guys do get violent against us individually because we're wearing a suit, we will take action." Also, lay your fears to rest that W won't have an octogenarian brother, equally attached to his dress pants, watching his back.

Alan Cornelius, 81, who was wearing a red tie and blue- striped shirt, vowed campaigners wouldn't make him change the sartorial habit of a lifetime in a city where Savile Row tailors hand stitch bespoke suits for princes and financial royalty.